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Sweating is a natural body function that happens whilst our body needs to settle down. At the same time, pollution also are expelled collectively with sweat. Now, Infrared sauna is available at Ann Health Spa  and  Legacy Spa ,penang . We can help you any other way of sweating, with more advantages.

Infrared sauna seems like a very modern concept and usually only seen in luxury hotel or spa to some people, but actually its helped a lot in personal health problem and become very valuable in peoples everyday lives. Sauna has been started since thousand years ago in Mexico and Guatemala.

What Is Infrared Sauna ?

There are a few types of early sauna such as, Temazcal, Sweat Lodge, Estonian Sauna, and Finnish Sauna. Above all are the traditional saunas but after we experience the infrared sauna therapy you probably will fall in love with all the technology and the benefit that it provided. It was a man named William Herschel who first discovered infrared rays, after that there was a man named Dr. JH Kellogg of Battle Creek Michigan invented something that he called an electric light bath. Drawings of Dr. Kellogg’s product from this time period look very similar to infrared saunas that are available today.

The bulbs generate incandescent light that is rich with near infrared rays that penetrate the skin and raise the body temperature, creating a similar effect as a steam sauna without humidity. After that infrared saunas worked by heating a ceramic object that would then give off infrared light rays, but few years ago new innovation carbon fiber panels started being used instead of ceramic. This not only made the heaters cheaper to manufacture, it also allowed heaters to have a lower surface temperature as well as an even longer infrared wavelength.

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8 Benefits Of Infrared Sauna

There are lots of benefit of using infrared sauna:

i. Improve sleeping quality
ii. Relaxing
iii. Weight loss
iv. Relief muscle pain
v. Relief joint pain
vi. Tighter skin and clear skin
vii. Detoxification
viii. Improve blood circulation


Is Infrared Therapy Safe?

There are no reports of unfavorable effects thus far, beyond the cautions about any sauna expertise. These embody the probabilities of overheating, dehydrating, and interference with treatment, in addition to the potential risks for individuals who are pregnant, have coronary heart disease, or are beneath the affect of medicine or alcohol. Even in case your sweat session doesn’t do the entire things it claims to do, a minimum of it nonetheless feels good. It contributes to your overall health and nicely-being by helping you loosen up, loosening the stiff or tight muscular tissues, decreasing joint pain, and giving you some much wanted time to your self

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