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Body Spa
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Penang Massage Spa And Spa Perak

Ann Health Spa has been operation since December 2014 our day spa provide massage male, female and every one ages its likely to be called as Family spa. Today, Ann Health Spa can be found in differing areas, which is Penang island and Ipoh Perak. Our day Spa experience is totally novel, since we respect the decent variety of the way of life we are drenched in just as the customs treatment from quite a while ago. 

Ann Health Spa (Malaysia) offers premium professional massage service starting from various sorts of Body Massage to Hot Stone Therapy and Herbal Balls Treatments, Foot Reflexology, and Facial treatment, of these premium services are without the premium prices but with friendly human touch.All our therapists are trained and experienced to supply the simplest service possible.

Ann Health Spa is dedicated to bringing your balance through a highly personalised experience with rituals which can awaken your senses. Immerse within the foremost authentic experiences from the land of thousand smiles within the comfort of a soothing , charming and spa-inspired environment. 

Pamper yourself to the mind blowing conventional our Signature mending with our master specialists. Enjoy the delicacy of their recuperating hands and let our common spa items profoundly infiltrates into your skin for the reviving and strengthening experience …

In order to truly understand the nature of the body we live in and its profound relationships, we need to first understand the mind-body connection. The mind-body connection allows each of us to function as a connected whole. Here are some key factors that will enable you to achieve this. In order to benefit from your own mental clarity, inner peace, and spiritual well-being, you will need to start with cultivating the mental and emotional well-being that you already possess.

Penang Massage Spa

About Us -Our Mission 

Ann Health Spa crucial to include an incentive by giving the best consideration and recuperating condition in the spa business so our visitors leave with restored parity and magnificence. 


About us

About Us -Our Vision 

Ann Health Spa is to be the Wellness Spa of decision offering a preventive way of life that will increase the value of our customers and staff. 

To give treatment to all individuals so as to calm pressure and strain, to improve scope of movement and dissemination, to upgrade a condition of prosperity and offer a preventive way of life through all administrations gave by the spa in an expert way.

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If you’d wish to get in-tuned with us, we’ve our customer service team that’s available to assist you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us now for more details.