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Hotel Equatorial Penang

Hotel Equatorial Penang

Welcome to Hotel Equatorial Penang! Abandoning of your daily stresses and feel revived once you hit up our  Massage Spa on your next visit with us. If you are looking to stay your fitness goals in restraint even when on holidays, our well-equipped Equinox Fitness Centre won’t disappoint.



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The Best Hotel In Penang Island

People are traveling with differing want one need to work together, to meet family or for vacation and total relaxation. If you are on vacation alone, couple or with your family and may be boring with the glint and the glamorous of the big hotel or the bustling city, why don’t you pick a spot away from the beaten track? How to choose the best hotel in Penang Island?



Best Place To Stay In Penang

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Image Source : Hotel Equatorial Penang
Hotel Equatorial Penang
Image Source : Hotel Equatorial Penang Wellness Spa
Hotel Equatorial Penang
Image Source : Hotel Equatorial Penang Wellness Spa

Since few years ago villas or small resort became the popular choice to those who desire and insist to find fully relaxation for body and mind. Penang Island is a small island in Malaysia the ultimate holiday island in Asia famed for its cultures, arts and the beauty of its breathtaking nature prepare you a lot of choice of luxury villas and small resort for self retreat with its best massage and spa treatments using either local ingredients or imported luxurious range of products.

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Image Source : Hotel Equatorial Penang Wellness Spa

10 Best Balinese Massage In Penang

You will be pampered by mountains breeze during massages and treatments offer exclusive service and mastery of Balinese hands. The superior ingredients and efficacy are used in combination with specially strategies to nourish, firm and hydrate the skin while improving the quietness and mitigating stress.

Balinese massage is a system of massage that uses all parts of the hand, including the knuckles, to knead and massage the muscles. Usually a massage oil is used to facilitate the therapy. This massage works on the muscles and nerves to relieve tension, back pain and aid in the healing of fractures. Of all of the Asian massages, this is the most robust, and the massage is often painful, although greatly beneficial in the long run.

Hotel Equatorial Penang

Image Source: Hotel Equatorial Penang Wellness Spa

Whatever your preferences, there are many ancient Asian massage treatments to choose from. Explore your massage options by adding one of these interesting and beneficial massages to your health regimen.

Where To Stay In Penang

The fastest and most straightforward approach to discover lodgings or resort or estates at your goal is to go on the web and visit an hotel reservation or trip specialist site. Do a search for the country, island and city you are making a trip to and you will be given a rundown of accessible hotel/resorts around there. . As the wide choice can be confusing especially for the first-time visitors and its sometimes difficult to select the right Penang Resort/Hotel. So simply let your trip specialist knows (by email) your own needs and your inclinations that he can suggest those retreats he feels will suit you best.

Hotel Equatorial Penang

For short information I try to present you with some of the nicest and pleasant place to retreat in Penang Island.





Hotel Equatorial Penang

So for each and every individual who is perusing this article and has picked/will make Penang Island their favored occasion goal. my thanks a lot; I am sure you will have the memorable holiday of a lifetime here.

Please be assured of our continued commitment and vigilance in providing the highest levels of care, hygiene and safety for
our guests following the stringent guidelines set by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) and World Health Organization (WHO).

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