Opening Hours

Daily 10AM - 10PM

Latest  SOP For Hair Salon And Beauty Salon Updated 9 February 2021


Time Operates: 6.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m. (Subject to Parties Local Authority respectively)

Time Attendance Customers: 6.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m. (Subject to Parties Local Authority respectively)

Capacity Employee: Management / Office: 30%.

Operations and Support: Determined by the employer. (Support staff)

• Regulation 15 P.U. (A) 21/2021.

• Subject to the rules in the SOP MKN general regarding PKP, PKPB and PKPP.

• Subject to party rules local authority in force.


Latest  SOP For Hair Salon And Beauty Salon – ACTIVITIES AND PROTOCOLS


Includes Activities that are not allowed

• Ear Cleaning

• Nose Waxing 

• Head / shoulder / body massage In Barber shop (Hair Salon)

• Face wash / facial treatment

• Eyelash Extension

• Hair makeup / Hair Treatment

• Manicure / Pedicure

• Basic haircuts within 30 minutes only.

Latest  SOP For Hair Salon And Beauty SalonBrief Description Action Inventory for all owners premises and employees

1. Registration of all Barber Shop and Hair Dresser Service Premises with PBT party. Only premises REGISTERED WITH PBT are allowed operate.

2. The owner of the premises must give a briefing on SOP to all employees.

3. The owner of the premises makes a supply of premises, barber equipment, hand santizer, face mask, glove, apron, infrared hand held thermometer, premise disinfection materials, customer appointment planning plan, customer record plan (either manual or MySejahtera Apps).

4. Require employees to use MySejahtera application.

5. Ensure adequate lighting and ventilation of the premises.

Latest  SOP For Hair Salon And Beauty Salon- Status Check Employee

latest sop for hair salon and beauty salon 2

1. Ensure that every employee including the barber obeys any instructions Latest government for COVID -19 test requirements from time to time.

2. A non-citizen barber MUST do a SWAB TEST before allowed to work.

3. Every day, check the body temperature of workers and filter the symptoms of cough, sore throat or shortness of breath for each employee. Employees who have a red Risk Assessment inside MySejahtera is not allowed to work on the premises.

4. Only workers who are free from fever or COVID-19 symptoms are allowed to work.

5. Any employee or barber who falls into the category Close Contact or PUI / PUS COVID-19, not allowed to work.

Latest  SOP For Hair Salon And Beauty Salon- Cleaning and disinfection premises (before, during, after)

The cleaning and disinfection process is carried out 3 times a day (before, during and after) in public places that are frequently touched such as counters, door handles, chairs and waiting tables.

Acceptance process customers

latest sop for hair salon and beauty salon 3

1. It is highly recommended to accept customers based on appointments.

2. Allow customers to walk-in only if no customers are inside premise.

Customer screening at check-in

1. Check body temperature for each customer and recorded in the Register Book.

2. Register customer name and phone number manually or using the MySejahtera application.

3. Customers with temperatures above 37.5ºC, are not allowed to enter the premises.

4. Provide hand sanitizer for customers.  Mandatory to clean hands before and after touching the Register Book with hand sanitizer (if using a Register Book).

5. Customers are required to wear face mask.

Physical Imprisonment Practices

1. Charity at a distance of 1 meter while moving into the premises.

2. Charge a distance of 1 meter while the customer waits for the scissors turn hair.

3. The distance between one barber chair and another chair at least 2 meters.

The customer responsible

1. Comply with all instructions that is physical imprisonment and mandatory wear face mask and disposable apron.

2. Always practice hand hygiene with hand sanitizer and practice coughing ethics.

3. Just get ready for a haircut after the barber finished cleaning and disinfecting the scissors chair hair and scissors

Scissor procedure hair

1. Barber workers must wear face shields and face masks All the time. Wearing disposable gown by Barber Worker is encouraged.

2. Before and after the haircut procedure, the barber shop and equipment (such as scissors and brushes) needs to be disinfected.

3. Barber workers must wear a set of gloves for each customer.

4. Every customer must wear a disposable haircut apron / cape / cloth) during haircuts.

6. Cannot use shared towel.

7. The time period for the entire session does not exceed 30 MINUTES per person customers.

8. After the haircut, the barber needs to clean his hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer as well as using new gloves.

9. All disposable items (gloves, aprons, gowns) should be discarded in a basket trash covered.

Scissors time and procedure hair age group risk as follows:

latest sop for hair salon and beauty salon 4

i. age less than 12 years; and

ii. age 60 and up above.

1. Only 2 family members are allowed to go to the premises in one visit.

2. Hairdressers / employees need to expedite activities not to exceed 30 MINUTES.

Process Payment after Haircut

Encouragement for cashless payment.

Collaborate in COVID 19 Disease Management

1. Work with MOH or authorized parties if any COVID-19 case incident report and contact tracking.

2. Work with MOH or authorized parties if any COVID-19 test requirements for barbers, if there is a need for a case investigation.


Using by Google translate as above information from Majlis Keselamatan Negara


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