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Get Rid Of Body Pain With Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It’s used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. Rejuvenate and re-energise with an Hot Stone Massage and Full Body Massage by skilled therapists with over 10 years of experience.Let’s enjoy with an amazing Hot Stone Massage in Penang now .Welcome to visit Our Branch at Legacy SpaAnn Health Spa ,Georgetown Penang and Nova Spa ,Ipoh,

Penang Hot Stone Massage

What Is Hot Stone Therapy ?

Hot stone massage is first found in India .The people there use it to improve their health condition and relaxation. This began among India already 5000 years and was called AYURVEDA. After 3000years this stared in Chinese country as well, but they use different type of stone that named BianWhile .The people there use the stone and burn it to treated disease. Besides that they also place the burn stone on the abdomen to improve their digestive system. On those days this treatment is really importance for them, because their medical technology is not like now so they only can rely on all this traditional way to stay healthy. 

After that western country also started to use this hot stone to treat muscle pain and relaxation for the whole body. In modern days people use hot stone for many different needs. Mostly this therapy was first targeted for those who has muscle ache problem but of course besides muscle pain hot stone can also be used for other needs.

Usually hot stone will be heated in the hot water before the therapist started to use for the customers, and during the treatment the cool stone will be replace. The therapist will use together with body massage oil to make sure a smooth glide on the skin smoothly with slow and gentle gesture make the customer feel calm and comfortable. Most likely those customers who have experiment the hot stone massage with so much healing properties will come back often for the hot stone massage service. 

10 Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage will encourage your body to detox and heal through increase the lymphatic flow in your body and bring out waste. Surprising benefit of Hot Stone Massage such as : 1.Relives stress 2.Relaxing muscle 3.Improve sleeping quality 4.Boots up immune system 5.Improve blood circulation 6.Body detoxified 7.Improve health conditions 8.Helps to increase flexibility 9.Relives body pain 10.Create a sense of comfort and warm

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Relives Stress With Hot Stone Therapy

Relives Stress is very important in this modern world. People starts getting more and more stress because of their work, their study or even a house wife will get really stress with the kids. Many medical professionals consider that stress may improve the risk of getting illness like cancer and heart attack. Stone actually carry a nature magnetic healing properties which will create a energy flow to helps re-balance our mentally and emotionally to reach a relax sensation. 

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Hot Stone Therapy Can Relaxing Muscle And Relives Body pain Instantly

Relaxing Muscle is a common need for everyone. This is sometimes because too much of exercise and too much of stress that input for the muscle that cause muscle pain .Other than that is the wrong sitting posture or maybe too long of sitting in the office will also cause a discomfort of the muscle at some point . The heat form the stone will encourage the muscle to relax and relief the pain. When the muscle relaxes it will be less tense and less sore and the therapist will able to manipulate the muscle tissue so that the massage will be more efficiently. 

Relives body pain is very important to people who are experiencing aches and pains. The premise behind hot stone massage therapy is that the direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist access to their deeper muscle layers so that will helps to reduce the body ache and body sore. Hot stone with a full body massage provides a very healing sensation to the body,

Hot Stone Therapy Can Improve Sleeping Quality

Improve sleeping quality is the biggest concern for average age 25-40 customer. A good sleep is very important for our health is just as important as eating healthy. Poor sleeping have a risk of getting heart disease and stroke not only that it also will gain weight easily and also will affect our concentration, performance and etc . Hot stone will help to relax your body and mentally so that will also definitely helps to improve your sleep.

Create a comfort and warm sensation. Hot stone massage will give a deep massage that will create a comfort warm sensation let people feel really relax during the therapy.


Penang Hot Stone Massage

Boots Up Immune System With Hot Stone Massage By Twice A Month

Boots up immune system is to protect your body from viruses. Immune system is important because it helps body to produce antibodies to fight all kinds of disease. Hot stone massage can helps to have a positive impact for the immunity and it can increase the number of lymphocytes and white blood cell.

Hot Stone Therapy Can Improve Blood Circulation And Help To Body Detoxified

Improve blood circulation will helps to promote a healthier skin and healthy cell. Blood circulation is the most important function to our bodies; it helps to send oxygen to our brain and other organ. Hot stone massage is very good for the blood circulation, the heat of the hot stone will helps to expand the blood vessel to allow more oxygen get in to the muscle.

Body detoxified will develop a healthier life. Detoxing will let your body to get a stable energy for your whole day. Especially for woman, this will also help to develop a long term weight management. Just like what the hot stone helps for blood circulation it also helps body to detox in a natural way

Penang Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Therapy Is A Besy Way To Improve Health Condition And The Flexibility

Improve health condition let people be happier and human population will live longer. Health will improve the ability of people to work better and more productive. Hot stone massage will let your body relax, improve blood circulation and this all will lead to a health lives.

Improve The Flexibility  let people be happier and human population will live longer. Health will improve the ability of people to work better and more productive. Hot stone massage will let your body relax, improve blood circulation and this all will lead to a health lives. will helps to reduce the chance of injuries. Hot stone massage is proven that is safe and effective in treating a right conditions, including pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic musculoskeletal conditions, pain and tension resulting from strained muscles, muscle spasms and chronic stress, while increasing joint flexibility.


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Important Caution During The Hot Stone Massage Service

Before the service should inform the therapist about your medical condition such as pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, skin disease and other. This is because the therapist will monitor the suitability for the hot stone massage. Hot stone is also not suitable to apply on skin infection area and inflammation area. Hot stone massage is something that provide a lot of benefit to human body but also depends on the expertise of the therapist. 

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