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The Best Body Waxing In Ipoh

Body Waxing In Ipoh

Body Waxing In Ipoh

Waxing is known as one of the most painful beauty treatment and also the most common beauty treatment for woman. Waxing is not a modern trend, women has been putting themselves through this painful routine for a long time. This is all started with the Ancient Egyptians, body hair was improper for them so they will remove the hair from their whole body.




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Beard Waxing For Men And Women

In those days, men with beards or woman with body hair was classifying as a servant or a member of the lower class. Essentially, people from the upper class will make sure that they are hairless. For them they don’t have the utensils we have so they would normally use their inventions. For waxing they use beeswax, sugaring method and for replacement of tweezers they use seashell.



The History Of Waxing

Roman Empire is roughly the same with Ancient Egyptians body hair was seen as uncivilized and even the statues of the god and painting of upper class woman also depicted as hairless. Nowadays we have lots of trends setters and Queen Elizabeth is one among them. That time face waxing is much more popular that body waxing, woman will heavily wax their eyebrows to shower their larger forehead.

In the 60’s waxing strip and swimming suits has come in a huge trend, so waxing also became the most popular beauty treatment in that time. It is no longer to identify a person is higher class or wealthier but just to challenge stereotypes in this era. In these modern days, waxing is still popular and grooming trend also has lots of changes compare to the previous years.

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Brazilian Waxing In Ipoh

First thing to mention is we have a more advance and hygienic tools for waxing and the aftercare. Secondly is that due to the modern technology, celebrities and the entire new trend we have more than hundred looks , so one day the Brazilian waxing is a must do to embracing a natural looks.




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Available Body Waxing In Ipoh

Waxing is the name of the beauty process called hair remover in the other way. The process will use some sticky substance such as wax to cover the hair root and pull out the hair from the skin. The hair will normally grow back after 4 to 6 week but there are some conditions that people will regrow their hair in a week time, due to different people has a different cycle of growing. Actually we can wax almost every part of our body such as, hand, leg, eyebrow, underarm, bikini line, abdomen and
other more. There are a few types of waxing for all the unwanted hair.



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Strip Waxing For Leg And Hand

Firstly, the most familiars were the strip waxing. Applied some wax thinly over and use the paper strip press it firmly and strip the paper against of the hair growth direction. It has to be as fast as possible to prevent a skin irritation. There is difference between strip waxing and soft waxing, heated, cold or pre-made strips.

Heat waxing the wax is spread easily over the skin whereas the cold wax is thicker so is more difficult to spread smoothly. Pre-made strips it come with wax itself and different sizes but it not easy use in some area.



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Stripless Wax Is Good To Use For Underarm

Secondly, Stripless wax  is also known as hard wax is applied directly on the skin without using cloth or paper strip. The wax will get harder when it cool so that the therapist can easily remove the wax directly without using any paper or cloth.


Stripless wax is also good for customer who has sensitive skin because the amount of the wax stick on the skin is lesser than strip wax, good option for customers that have sensitive skin and also finer hair is more easy to remove. This is also less pain compare to the strip wax.




Body Waxing In Ipoh

Brazilian Waxing Is Available In Ipoh Now

Lastly, Bikini wax is also known as Brazilian wax is to remove the hair from pubic area by using a
special wax. This special wax can be cold or hot and applied evenly on the skin and pull it out as
quickly as possible when the wax removes from the skin normally with a cloth. This practice not only
applies on women, lots of men also will do male waxing to remove their pubic hair. A bikini line is
the area of the upper leg and inner thigh in which pubic hair grows that is normally not covered by
the lower part of a swimsuit.

In some cultures, visible pubic hair in this region is disliked and considered embarrassing and so it is sometimes removed. However, some people remove pubic hair that will not be exposed for reasons like aesthetics, personal grooming and hygiene, culture, religion or fashion.

Body Waxing In Ipoh

Body Waxing Is The Best Way To Remove Unwanted Hair Instantly

There are many benefits to waxing compare with other method of hair removal. It is an effective
method to remove large amounts of hair at one time. It is a good way to prevent fast growing of the
hair, as hair in waxed areas will not grow back for two to eight weeks.



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Why Waxing Is Better Than Shave?

When hair is shaved or removed by depilatory cream, the hair is removed at the surface rather than the hair root. Within a few days, the hair can reappear back at the surface. With these methods, hair tends to grow back in rough stubble. Areas that are repeat wax the hair will grow more soften compare to the others. There are many drawbacks of waxing as well. Waxing will be painful when the strip is removed from the skin. Although the pain is not long-lasting, it can be intense, particularly in sensitive areas. Another drawback to waxing is the expense: waxing is usually performed by a licensed esthetician and in some cases the cost can be high, depending on the area waxed and the number of sittings required. There are do-it-yourself waxing supplies, but they may be difficult to use on oneself on some areas on the body. That’s why a trained therapist is always better then ourselves, is worth to pay for this service.


Tips For Body Waxing

Before performed waxing by the therapist, there are some circumstances should be avoided.
1. Sunburn
2. Skin laser treatment
3. Very sensitive skin
4. Using Trevino or any other peeling agent
5. Recent surgical peel
6. Taking steroids or prednisone
7. Taking drug for autoimmune disease
8. Taking blood thinning medicine
9. Eczema or other choric skin disease

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